Saturday, April 29, 2017

Thrift Store

Jennine loved going shopping at the thrift stores.  She took me to more thrift shops that I didn't even know existed in our surrounding towns!

Her favorite was probably the Guardian Angel, a thrift store closest to our home where the profits and proceeds support the Alzheimer's Association.  She could spend hours hunting through shirts and pants and shoes to inexpensively supplement her wardrobe.

She knew that for more upscale clothes you needed to go to the Goodwill store closer to a nicer neighborhood in a nearby town.  She knew when most places stocked their racks and what days meant even further discounts are certain color tags.

Jennine knew her thrift stores.

She could spend whole afternoons hopping from thrift store to thrift store, either by herself or with one of her sisters-in-law or with another friend.  If she saw something that she thought you or your kids would like, she would snap a photograph and text you.  And if you said that's awesome, she'd purchase the item for you or your kid, often without expecting reimbursement.

Jennine was thrifty, and she was generous, and she made you feel special while saving you both money.


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