Sunday, April 9, 2017

Friends and Family

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Even through her treatments, her surgeries, her everyday ups and downs, what seemed like neverending migraines, and her low energy, I was always amazed at how in touch Jennine seemed to be with her friends and family all the time.

I called Jennine "my everyday friend" because we pretty much literally talked and/or texted each other everyday, especially in the last four or five years. She was part of my daily afternoon and evening routine, catching up on the day and sharing stuff that was happening with our families.

At some point over the years, I realized that she was that kind of friend to many folks, that she took the time to check-in with her brothers and sisters-in-law, her dad, our other neighbors, and many of her other friends on a regular basis.

One of our former neighbors called Jennine her "late night text buddy" because it was after most bedtimes and when Jennine couldn't sleep that the two would chat and catch up with one another.

Friends and family were really important to her.  She genuinely wanted to know what was happening in everyone's lives, and she remembered to follow-up and ask about the things that were shared, to call for birthdays and anniversaries, to make sure we were having wonderful days.

On the rare occasion that I'd have a day off or take vacation, I'd ask about doing lunch with her.  Inevitably she'd have a lunch date with her dad or another family member, or she was catching up with an old friend from school or the pre-school coop, or she was grabbing a bite with another mom who homeschooled.  She made it a priority to be in the lives of her friends and family, and she made you feel special because of that.


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