Monday, April 10, 2017


Jennine loved games.  Board games. Card games. Act it out games. Dice games. It didn't seem to matter what the game (except for Monopoly), she was willing to play it.

The first time we were invited to Jennine's annual New Year's Eve game night, we learned what fierce competitors she and her family were.  They take game night seriously!  Funny, boisterous, determined, those folks were into the games!

Over the years, we've indulged in a number of regular game nights that eventually changed due to conflicts, schedules, timing.  For a while, we tried to get the neighborhood ladies together for games, but often that turned in to me and Jennine playing and everyone else just hanging out with us, still enjoying each others' company, but no way into the game like the two of us.

Jennine introduced me to Bunco with the ladies in her mother-in-law's apartment complex almost fifteen years ago. She and I were a part of the group off and on over the years, enjoying the intergenerational company and friendly wagers of the monthly Bunco night.

A few years ago, Jennine and I tried our hand at Pinochle with a couple of neighbors.  It was our regular Friday night meet-up for a couple of years, playing this old card game while listening to 70's and 80's music or the latest Christian praise and worship tunes. Good times, good company, good conversations.

Then there were the Sunday afternoon-meet-me-on-porch games of Rummikub with one neighbor.  We liked our porch sitting, and it was even better with the card table thrown up and a game set out.

We discovered a love for new games: Mexican train dominos, Up the River/Down the River, Telestrations.  We tried to coerce others to join us - You'll love this game!  - sometimes to be met with eagerness and other times reluctant excitement.

At some point, Jennine and I began to exchange birthday presents. (Our birthdays were a week a part: hers the day after Christmas and mine two days after the new year.)  Almost every year, Jennine gifted me with a new game. I saw this game and you have to try it!  I can't wait to play it with you!

Image may contain: 5 people, people smiling, people sitting, table and indoorWe celebrated this past New Year's Eve with game night.  She was vibrant, as competitive as always, and the most gracious game night hostess, even with her worsening health issues. Some of my favorite memories of my friend will be our sitting at her kitchen table, playing games: good times, good company, good living.

New Year's Eve Game Night
with the Girls!
December 31, 2016


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