Friday, December 30, 2011

Thanksgiving Revisited

During the month of November, many Facebookers were posting their daily thanksgivings, trying to post for thirty days. Here's my list of thanksgivings:

People we are thankful for:
1. Family (big J, little E, and all the parents!)
2. Cul-de-sac friends (best neighbors ever!)
3. College friends (pick up right where you left off!)
4. Cool teacher-librarians (LTM, gurus, and rock stars!)
5. Inspirational colleagues (Cores and SPEDs rock!)
6. Wise ones (both young and old and retired!)
7. Church families (nurturing, spiritual, caring!)

Intangibles we are thankful for:
8. Love (of family, friends)
9. Freedom (to live, work, play)
10. Intelligence (to think, create)
11. Integrity (to speak, live)
12. Happiness (to exist, work, play)
13. Security (to fear not)
14. Faith (to believe)

Tangibles we are thankful for:
15. Food (y'all know we like to eat)
16. Home (y'all know we like to sleep)
17. Car (y'all know we like to travel)
18. Books (y'all know we like to read)
19. Computers (y'all know we like to surf)
20. TV (y'all know we like to watch)
21. Job (okay, so we like having all the other things!)

And some other stuff that we are thankful for:
22. Warm blankets and hot chocolate for cold nights
23. Clear night skies with twinkly stars
24. Contentment and satisfaction with life
25. Chocolate
26. Music to sing with and to dance to
27. Peaceful mornings
28. Rocking chair evenings
29. Hot showers
30. Rainbows

Monday, December 19, 2011

Blogs I would write if I had time to blog...

Six months later my running list of blogs that I would like to write grows longer, but the time to carve out to actually write the entries grows shorter and tighter each day. So here's the list of blogs (topics) that I would like to write if I had time to blog:

Risk taking - how taking risks can bring about big results and make one's life more enriching.

Genuine enthusiasm - how the kind word, the sincere greeting, the genuine inquiry and enthusiasm about life is contagious and betters the world

Missing Dixie - how the positive, effective leadership of our now retired principal is so very needed at a time of low morale, budget cuts, disorganization and non-communication

New Year's resolutions - always a good entry to set one on the right course for the new year

Teacherprenuership - the idea that teachers develop their pedagogical talent, “sell” their expertise, and find innovative solutions to challenges facing their students

Digital footprints - making our stamp on the digital world, making connections both personally and professionally in the digital age

NaNoWriMo - the National Novel Writing Month and how I once again attempted to get thoughts on the page (I made it to 5000 words)

The Power of Small - a book that I am reading about how little things make the difference

Thanksgiving - a list of 30 days of things I was thankful for during the month of November

Information and Technology Essential Standards - the new document to integrate information and technology into the core curricula and how teacher librarians need to push in to the classroom and push back those that don't get our role in education

Growing up with Elizabeth - how life as a mother puts everything else in perspective

So perhaps over the winter break and in the new year, I will once again reorganize my life, break out my list, crack my knuckles and get to typing and posting new blog entries.