Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Funding Governor's School

A message from Jim Hart, president of the NC Governor's School Alumni Association --

Anybody here got $1.5 million to spare? Because that's what the GSAA and GS Foundation have decided to do in response to the General Assembly's decision to cut GS funding - we're going to fund it ourselves.

Fully funding 800 students on two campuses will cost roughly $1.5 million dollars. There are 30,000 alumni. If we were in contact with them all, it would take $50 per alumnus per year.

Unfortunately, we're not in contact with nearly that many. So we are asking all of you - if you think GS was an important moment in your life, if you think you are more successful because of it, then pass that success along to future generations of North Carolinians by making a donation to the GSF's Campaign 2011 at:

Spread the word. Tell everyone. Tell your friends, your classmates, your boss, your parents, your teachers, your kids. If you don't have kids, tell someone else's kids. Tell the parents of every rising Junior that if they want their kids to have a chance to attend GS, then we need help, and we need it now.

Why now? Because the Department of Public Instruction will have to decide if they are going to hold GS next year before the end of September. A strong showing of support on our part will give them reason to keep GS open.