Thursday, April 27, 2017


I cannot remember Jennine without remembering our many scrapbooking sessions together.  For the first few years that we knew each other, we would spend hours huddled over one of our kitchen or dining room tables with photographs, stickers, pages spread out everywhere, documenting the memories of our kids, our adventures, our families, and our life.

For a while we did full scrapbooking days at a local church, dragging our cases and boxes and albums across town to enjoy the company of others, to trade embellishments, and to try to win prizes.  Those were such great times of reminiscing and fellowship, sharing stories with each other and crafting beautiful keepsakes.

We even scrapbooked ourselves scrapbooking!

Jennine, me and our friend Traci

In later years, we moved to digital scrapbooking, keeping our photographs on Shutterfly or another online service and creating our albums online and printing them up for families and friends.  While the production in the end was the same, digital scrapbooking never quite met that need for quality time together, passing pictures back and forth, and carefully choosing that sticker or other embellishment to add to the memories we were making.


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