Monday, April 24, 2017


Why were some people brought together in Jennine's life and others never had the chance to meet the amazing woman, mother, and neighbor that I called friend?

Who will give me advice about parenting and offer the wisdom of making it through the teenaged years in Jennine's absence?

When will the joy and excitement of all the great memories with Jennine finally push away all the sadness and pain that weighs so heavily from the last three months?

Who will find all those great Groupons, coupons, and deals and share, not only the coupon but the experiences, with me?

Why do some people have more illness, stress, and unfortunate health issues than others?

Who will encourage me to walk the neighborhood when I don't really want to and who will sit in the yard and cul-de-sac with me just to shoot the breeze?

How can there be game night without Jennine?

Who will make that last minute trip to Kohl's, the thrift store, the Bojangles, the Chick-fil-a, to pick up groceries with us?

Who will keep her family and her friends organized?

How can we go to the beach without Jennine?

Who will watch HGTV with me while surfing the internet, reading about the reality shows and whether they are legitimate or staged?

Who will go to Tripp's and order the four cheese pasta dish and help me eat loaves of bread with olive oil?

When will I sit in carpool at the end of the day and not think about texting Jennine about her day?

How can she have died so young?

Who will message me late at night just to chat when insomnia has set in?

Will time really heal the pain and grief at the loss of our Jennine?

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