Tuesday, April 11, 2017


After a couple of years in public schools, Jennine and her family decided that she would homeschool their two children. Using her own training and education as an elementary school teacher, she set out to create a curriculum that would help her children learn and meet state and national standards and that would give them and her some freedom to explore a variety of interests while building foundational skills.

It was obvious that Jennine was born a teacher.  She really enjoyed pulling together resources and materials for her kids, watching them learn and grow, and helping them develop into thinkers and scientists and mathematicians and readers.
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One afternoon after my work, she called me, insisting that I had to come over and see what the kids had learned that day.  They'd been studying the skeletal system and learning all about the bones.  When I walked through her front door, I found her daughter in shorts with her legs labeled in magic marker - femur, tibia, fibula, and patella. The girl knew her bones; that's for sure! (And I can tell you that you could never do that in public school!)

Jennine loved the flexibility of homeschooling.  The kids readily finished their studies and the family enjoyed more free afternoons to play, to swim, and to take their own field trips.  Family vacations were already educational and homeschooling made the time frame for going on them a little more flexible.

While she was a little sad at their returning to public school for high school, she knew that she'd provided them a strong education with the love and care that only she could give them during those elementary and middle years.


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