Friday, April 26, 2013

W is for Worcestershire Sauce

A man walks into a restaurant for dinner.  The waiter takes his order and brings him his meal when it is ready.  The waiter also places a bottle of sauce on the table and says, "Our chef has mixed up a new sauce to use with some of our beef dishes.  Would you like to try it?"

The man says, "Sure," and pours a little onto his plate.  He cuts his meat and dips a forkful into the sauce.  "Mmmmmm," the man mutters as he enjoys his meal.  The waiter looks pleased and  leaves.

After a few minutes, the chef comes out to ask the man what he thinks of the sauce.

"It's delicious!" he says.  He picks up the bottle and looks at the chef.  "So, what's this here sauce?"

"Exactly," says the chef.

"No, what's this here sauce?" The man asks again holding the bottle up.

"Right," says the chef.

Frustrated the man puts the bottle down hard on the table and stares at the chef.  "I just wanted to know what you called the sauce!" the man yelled.

"Worcestershire sauce, sir," the chef says politely.

"Well, that's what I've been asking you!" the man shouts and leaves the restaurant.

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