Wednesday, April 17, 2013

O is for Okra

A few years ago I attempted my hand at a garden. We had bought a house out of the city with a few acres.
The previous owners had established a ten by ten section for their garden, and the little plot of land seemed to scream at me:  Plant me!  So I decided that I would attempt my first real garden on my own.

I grew up with my parents planting a really big vegetable garden which has shrunk each year as they have gotten older and less able to take care of a big plot.  So I had some ideas about how to go about planting and tending my square;  I just had to decide what all I would plant.

I decided on three things:  tomato plants, pepper plants, and okra.   I went with the tomato and pepper plants because planting those six inch plants made me feel accomplished.  I dug holes, watered, and stuck in the plants.  Ta da!  But the okra seeds were less exciting.  I would have to wait  a few weeks before they germinated and started growing.

My husband does not really like "leaves and stems" as he puts it, but he will eat okra.  He prefers fried okra, but he has been known to eat okra cut up in soup.  I will eat okra fried or stewed or cut up in soup.  I like okra.  When the okra was ready, I was excited about having those fresh vegetables at dinner.  But after two weeks of having okra almost every night, my husband and I were done.  It was okra overload!

How do you like your okra?


The Mommie said...

prefer fried (dredged in cornmeal, please) crispy & not too large/overgrown--- just can't tolerate any slimy version of any type

by the way. . . is there an "eat" missing in this story???

Ms. Dee said...

Fixed where I left out the word 'eat'