Thursday, April 18, 2013

P is for Pimento Cheese

Mmmm, pimento cheese!

We almost always have pimento cheese in our house.  Either I've mixed up a bowl of homemade pimento cheese or I have resorted to buying a container of Ruth's.  It is another staple in our house.

Pimento cheese is good with so many things.  You can spread some on fresh white bread and make your basic sandwich.  You can scoop it up on celery sticks.  You can spread it on crackers, bagel chips, and pita chips.  You can put a little on your burger or chicken sandwich.  You can warm it up and use it as a dip for chicken tenders, fried shrimp, potato chips, baguettes or crackers.  You can make a grilled pimento cheese sandwich, but you'll need a dryer version than the store bought stuff or your cheese runs out all over the place.

When I make my own pimento cheese, it's very simple:  sharp cheddar cheese, Duke's mayonnaise, and a jar of diced pimentos.  I use one of those old timey crank graters so the cheese comes out really fine.  I usually grate at least an 8 oz block.  Then I mix in a dollop of mayonnaise.  I really have no idea if it's a 1/2 cup or more.  Then I dump the whole small jar of diced pimentos, water and all, into the cheese and mayo and mix.  If I need a dryer mix, then I drain the pimentos and maybe use a little less mayo.  Either way, it's southern goodness in a spread!

How do you eat your pimento cheese?

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The Mommie said...

Every single way you've given. . . plus it's great formed into balls, coated w/panko & flash fried or baked. If you want to resort to just stickin' your finger in the container for a dallop treat just make absolutely sure that finger is clean!