Tuesday, April 16, 2013

M is for Moon Pies

Have you ever had a Moon Pie?

As a kid growing up in the South, I had my fair share of Moon Pies.  I grew up working on the farm and about mid-morning on a summer day, my daddy would bring those of us working in the field a morning snack.  We had our choices of a candy bar, a pack of peanuts, or a Moon Pie and a drink. In the South a drink is the same as a soda or a pop.  My drink of choice was usually a Mountain Dew.

Moon Pies are yummy little snack cakes, chocolate covered soft graham cookies with a marshmallow cream between the two cookies.  I'd always heard the phrase "an RC cola and a Moon Pie," but I never really liked those colas.  I'd stick with the Dew.

I a few years ago I discovered the Moon Pie Crunch, especially the yummy peanut butter filled crunchy cookies.  I could have a new snack addiction, but I'm trying to restrain myself.

What's your favorite snack?


The Mommie said...

Good "m' choice. . . I'll take a mini one (but it's got to be "normal" flavor -> not vanilla or whatever non-traditional versions being offered.)

The Mommie said...

another thought too -> Mrs. Priss says Cuban friends love for Pullen Pilgrims to bring Moon Pies to share for treat with them.