Tuesday, April 23, 2013

T is for Tiramisu

Isn't tiramisu one of the most heavenly desserts?  That rich, creamy filling of eggs and mascarpone cheese layered with the coffee soaked lady fingers with just a sprinkle of cocoa on top -- makes me drool just thinking about it.

Tiramisu is an Italian dessert and its name means "pick me up" which I think is just perfect.  A little bit of tiramisu is definitely a pick me up any time of the day, especially after a yummy Italian meal, too.


Kathy said...

Oh that looks so delicious. I've had it in a couple of our local restaurants, but I think they fell a little short. This one looks so good.
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Kathe W. said...

estupendo! Stupendous! Delicious!
Have a great day!

The Mommie said...

no thanks -> it's that coffee thing again, I'm afraid, that turns me off => so YOU get my share

Jen McConnel said...

Yum!! One of my favorite decadent desserts! :)

Danica/Dream said...


Connie Gruning said...

I LOVE Tiramisu! YUM YUM! Now I'm hungry!
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