Tuesday, April 2, 2013

100 Books in 2013: Plum Wine

Book 12:  Plum Wine by Angela Davis-Gardner

In February, I did a writing retreat with Angela Davis-Gardner.  I had to admit at that time that I had not read anything she'd written, but I'd always heard complimentary things about her writing.  I really enjoyed this historical fiction, set in mid-1960's Japan at the beginning of the Vietnam war.  Barbara is a visiting professor at a women's college and inherits a cabinet filled with plum wine and mysterious writings when her colleague and friend dies suddenly.  With the help of her friend and lover, she works to solve the mystery and understand her friend's history.  There were parts that I couldn't wait to read, staying up well past my bedtime to finish chapters, and then parts that I didn't want to read because I knew that meant the end of the book was nearing.

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