Sunday, April 14, 2013

L is for Lettuce

Did you know that there are many different kinds of lettuce?

Iceberg lettuce was the only lettuce that I really knew growing up.  I don't remember much other than a head of the stuff, chopping it for salads or pulling off a leaf for a BLT.  At some point I discovered romaine, which is now my favorite type of lettuce.  I love chopping a head of romaine for a basic salad:  lettuce, boiled eggs, cheese, bacon, tomatoes, little dressing.  I also like making the wilted romaine salad.

Bibb lettuce is nice to use for a lettuce wrap.  Lay out a leaf of bibb and add shredded pork, a little soy sauce, chopped water chestnuts and wrap it all up.  I'm not really a fan of red leaf, chicory and frisee lettuces.  Radicchio always seems bitter to me.  I can take or leave arugula.

What's your favorite type of lettuce to use?

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Tara Tyler said...

romaine is fave lettuce
ketchup on burgers only please, but my youngest tries everything in it!
java!! need cream & sugar, anywhere anytime!

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