Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Weekend Writing Workshop

I had the most fun this past weekend:  I spent eight hours writing with Angela Davis-Gardner and six other budding writers at a friend's home.  My friend is sponsoring weekend writing workshops in her home with some of the best North Carolina writers.  The published writers provide writing prompts and exercises, guiding us, the students, in our endeavors.

In this particular workshop, we talked about fairy tales and myths.  Each person was to pick a favorite fairy tale or myth, one that spoke to her, and develop it into either a retelling of the old story or a modernized version of the story.  It was such fun listening to each person talk about their fairy tale and why they had chosen it, and then to see the incredible writing that came out of the exercises that we did.

I chose the story of Snow White for my fairy tale.  I knew that I wanted to set the story in the present, to modernize it, but I had no idea where it would end up.  I like where it's going so far, and I hope to finish it soon and share it in some form.

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