Wednesday, February 20, 2013

At the Bank

I rarely go into banks these days.  With direct deposit and online banking and ATM machines, it's rare to have to actually visit the bank. But on those few occasions that I need to cash a check or take care of a transaction either inside the bank or at the drive up outside the bank, I want the experience to be fast and efficient.

On a recent visit to my local branch, I only needed to have a check deposited.  I didn't even need any cash back, but I did want my receipt as proof of my deposit.  I pulled up to the outside window, exchanged pleasantries with the inside teller, and put my paperwork into the plastic tube.  I watched it sail up and over and into the bank where the teller deftly handled my transaction. 

As he sent the plastic tube containing my receipt back to me, he thanked me and asked if there was anything else he could do for me.  I politely said no thank you and proceeded to retrieve my receipt.  Well, he started in on the latest bank program, asking me if I had online banking or if I'd like to open up an IRA and telling me about other programs available through the bank.  Was I interested in applying, signing up, filling out the paperwork?

I was a little dumbfounded that the teller was actually soliciting someone in the drive up!  Really?!  Did he expect me to listen to his spiel, agree to whatever the bank was selling, and then complete the paperwork through the plastic tube while sitting in my car?  I just found it extremely odd to be solicited at the drive upand it sort struck a nerve with me.  The whole idea of the drive up is for that fast and efficient experience, not to be hit up about new programs, new products, a sales pitch.

Anybody else find solicitation at the bank drive up window a little much?

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