Wednesday, February 13, 2013

The Twelve Days of Christmas Vacation

At some point, I realized that I had twelve days of vacation (that was including weekends) and I had been posting my activities as my Facebook status.

I always have high hopes for breaks: books to read, closets to clean, shopping to do, folks to visit. But my husband reminds me to relax, no need to plan. (How we are both Capricorns is beyond me?!) Doesn't he know that the need to feel productive outweighs the need to relax?

So during my twelve days of Christmas vacation, here's what I accomplished, (and much of it was relaxing, dear):
  • Gingerbread houses - both edible and non-edible - with my daughter.
  • Lunch with a friend. It was so nice to catch up with folks we hadn't seen in awhile and to enjoy yummy southwestern food.
  • Last minute stocking stuffer shopping - The Dollar Store rocks!
  • Laundry! So I did have to catch up on the dirty clothes that were piling up.
  • Traveling to his side of the family which involved lunch at the cafeteria (a favorite spot for Grandma Sarah) and watching the delight on our daughter's face as she opened her Barbie Dream House (thank you, Nana and Gaga)
  • Visiting with my family at our home, so they could see all that Santa brought
  • Celebrating our birthdays (mine and hubby's)
  • Attending Christmas eve services, reminding me of my childhood church
  • Enjoying girls' night out at a favorite restaurant, Gravy - yummy!
  • Organizing my clothes closet
  • Playing board games with the neighbors to ring in the new year
  • Eating black eyed peas with ham for good luck
Overall, a wonderful twelve days!

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