Monday, April 23, 2012

S is for Swimming Pool

I love to swim.

For a while, I was frequenting the health center two to three times a week in order to get in the water.  I would either swim laps or participate in group water aerobics or make up my own water routine to workout.  I like working out in water because you don't sweat, or at least you can't feel it if you do.

There's something relaxing about being in and around the water.  But life has gotten in the way, and I don't get out to the health center at all now.

So on my bucket list, I would add "install a swimming pool in our backyard"; that way I would have easy access to swimming every day of the week!


Jeremy Bates said...

I go the beach and swim in the pool. Go figure.

Swimming is great exercise! The other day I was at the mall and almost bought one of those kiddie pools just to lounge in. Maybe later.

I should think about what my neighbors will think when they see a grown man in a 6' b y 6' by 2.5' inflatable pool. lol

Ms. Dee said...

Yes, picturing 6' body in a kiddie pool = funny! Thanks for visiting!