Thursday, June 18, 2009

My Writing Staycation

I'm actually taking a week of vacation next week. I usually take off a day or two here and there throughout the school year, but I decided that it was time to do something more for me.

I'm not really going on vacation. It's more like a staycation: I'm staying around town. But I do have some big plans for the week.

I'm participating in a writing workshop all week. No, it's not a workshop where I'll have to come back to school and teach my teachers some new fangled writing process. And no, it's not a workshop that I needed to take any order to get those dang teacher renewal credits.

It's a writing workshop just for me! I signed up for the creative nonfiction session. I'm hoping to get inspired (once again) to get something out there in print, something written to send to a small magazine or publisher. This is actually the third time I've taken the writing workshop. I delved deeper into fiction the first time I took the workshop. The second time I decided to work on personal narrative and realized that was more my style of writing. So the third summer that I signed up for the workshop, I did the journal writing session. Every time the sessions have been fabulous.

So next week, I expect nothing less than a super week of inspired writing and a nice jump start to getting back into the swing of daily writing!

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