Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Dear Jacqueline Woodson...

You, my friend, are an incredible writer!

In every book of yours that I have read, I have found such strong, interesting, and powerful characters with incredibly authentic voices.

You introduced me to the sweet, caring, and passionate Lonnie Collins Motion, aka Locomotion, in your books Locomotion and Peace, Locomotion.

You took me back to the days of integration and the playground bully through the eyes of Frannie and the Jesus Boy in your book Feathers.

You made me fall in love with Jeremiah and Ellie (and you made me incredibly sad) in your book If You Come Softly.

You made me a champion of Lafayette, Charlie, and Ty'ree as they worked through the death of their mother in your book Miracle's Boys.

You opened my eyes to the friendship and struggles of racism of friends Lena and Marie in your book I Hadn't Meant to Tell You This.

Thanks, Jacqueline Woodson, for creating such wonderful characters for me and other readers of your young adult books! I can't wait to read After Tupac and D Foster next!

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