Tuesday, April 18, 2017


Jennine loved her kids to the moon and back! She was so proud of the young adults that her two children were growing in to.  She delighted in the thoughtful, intelligent, and sensitive young man that her son was becoming and embraced the strong, passionate and witty young woman that her daughter was becoming.

Jennine cared about their academic growth so much, that she and her family made the decision to homeschool. She put in the time and energy in planning thoughtful lessons and activities for her kids. She was so excited when they learned something new, solved a problem, or created an interesting product from their learning.

As her children grew into teenagers, she instilled in them strong values about family and friends, about honesty and compassion, about self-worth and determination. While they were certainly not without the occasional fuss or argument, she extended her children some leeway to make mistakes, to make their choices, to use their judgement about situations.

I remember her sharing some of what she learned at a parenting workshop offered through her church. Jennine liked the approach of presenting those tough situations and having those sticky conversations with her kids and talking through the possible decisions, reactions, and consequences with them.  She wasn't a heavy-handed parent, but she certainly wasn't a softee.  She demanded respect from her children, and she gave them the same respect to grow and learn, to make their way in this world.

Jennine was an incredible mother, and her two children are evidence of her love, her life, and her legacy.


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