Thursday, April 6, 2017

Dancing at Coglin's

We are definitely children of the 80's, and when Jennine and I found out there was a new 80's and 90's bar in downtown, we knew we'd found a great place for a girls' night out.

The first time we went dancing at Coglin's we realized that we were not the twenty-somethings we used to be, but we did know that 80's music is still the best music.  We showed up some time after 9:00pm and the place was almost empty.  We'd forgotten that parties don't truly start until after 11:00pm and closer to midnight in the bar-hopping world.  But even that realization didn't stop us from taking in the 80's memorabilia.

Remember Ferris Bueller?  Man, what a movie! And seriously, who didn't absolutely love Top Gun?!

So as the DJ set up, we chatted with him about the venue, staked claim to a couch on the stage in the window, and prepared for the ear-splitting thumps of Salt-n-Pepa and Michael Jackson and Rick James and Soft Cell.  We danced, we sang, and we were home before midnight, just when the "young enough to be our kids" crowd started packing the place.

We danced there a few more times over the years.  The last time we partied at Coglin's (Feb 2013) we took the girls in the neighborhood and few other friends to this jumping joint.  It was another celebration of life: girls out on the town, enjoying each others' company, confident about ourselves to dance and sing and be silly in public to (let me remind you) the best music ever.

Here's a great picture of us out on the town that night at Coglin's (Jennine on the far left and me on the far right with our friends in between and below):

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When this picture came up in my Facebook memory feed this year, I texted Jennine, who had been in the hospital for four days by then: Looking forward to dancing with you and the girls again!

Her response, along with her "Let's Party" Bitmoji: Wow! That was a lot of fun! Yes, once I can breath, we should go dancing before it gets too hot!

I miss my dance partner for girls' night out, but we know you're dancing with angels now, friend.


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