Monday, October 29, 2012

Running Red Lights

We used to have a number of red light cameras in our city, those cameras that would take a picture of your automobile when the light turned red and then another picture as you crossed through the intersection while the light was still red.  Many of those have been removed now.  Perhaps they weren't cost effective, or maybe they didn't provide the best photographs of offenders' license plates, or maybe they were just downright a pain to support.

Either way, I can tell you an intersection that could use a red light camera or better yet a full-time traffic cop monitoring the roads: the intersection nearest my daughter's school.

No less than at least three out of five days a week, either in the morning or the afternoon, somebody blows through the red light at that intersection.  We've witnessed private school transportation vehicles zooming right on through the red light.  We've seen school buses fail to stop.  We've been frightened for at least two high school students who cross at that intersection to get to their bus stop near my daughter's school.  We've seen cars turn left on red because they refuse to wait for the light to change.

It's a dangerous intersection.  I'm thinking about contacting the city.  Wonder if it'll do any good?

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