Monday, October 29, 2012

100 Books in 2012: Creating Your Library Brand

Book 30:  Creating Your Library Brand: Communicating Your Relevance and Value to Your Patrons by Elisabeth Doucett

I checked out this professional book from our district office, hoping to get a few more ideas about building my influence and program recognition with my students, staff, and parents.  While this book is geared more toward public library, there are some take-aways for school libraries.

The idea that you have a brand logo that identifies your program makes sense.  Since most schools already have a mascot, I could see modifying that mascot to include a book, laptop/device, something that tags it as a more information and technology icon. 

I like the push that libraries need to create a presence in which people think of them first, as a preferred provider of information.  Schools can take some of the ideas here and tweak them to work for our communities and stakeholders.

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