Monday, November 30, 2009


Thanksgiving was the usual traditions of turkey and dressing, holiday shopping, and fall cleaning in preparation for the Christmas season. But I did stop to count my blessings and be thankful for a few things.
  • My dear husband who puts up with my never ending calendar of professional meetings, social gatherings and general gallivanting and who keeps me laughing, challenged and inspired.
  • My sweet daughter who amazes me every day with her growing vocabulary and thoughtful observations about her world and who gives such unconditional love, warm hugs and sweet kisses.
  • My incredible cul-de-sac neighbors who check-in on one another, share good food and good times, who gather on the front porches and in the front yards to play games and share stories.
  • My loving parents who continually inspire me and challenge me and love me and remind me of simpler times and faithful foundations to keep me going.
  • My work family who maintain positive attitudes about teaching and learning and who always have the best interests of our students at the heart of all they do.
  • My network of friends who send good vibes my way, who are always interested in what's going on in my little world, and who say an extra prayer for me at night.

Thanks for sticking with me, folks.

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