Sunday, December 21, 2008

Thirty Percent Chance of Fog

Thursday and Friday mornings were incredibly foggy; I could barely see a hundred feet in front of me. Driving in the fog is not my favorite thing to do, especially after having a deer cross my path one morning. It makes me a little more tense and in less positive mood to start my day.

Unfortunately I've felt like I was in a fog for quite some time. I've been forgetful and apparently less aware for over two years. I chalked it up to pregnancy brain for nine months: you know they tell you that you lose brain cells while that little one grows inside of you. But after the birth, I surely thought the world would return to normal, at least my mind would be for the most part what it used to be. I left no hope for the body to return to its original state.

My husband, being mildly frustrated with me one day, responded, "Sweetie, you're the brains of this operation! If you can't remember, we're all in trouble!"

Okay, so we're not leaving the house without our pants on, but I have almost put the milk in the pantry and non-refrigerated items in the produce bin. There has been other minor weirdness at different points, but again I keep referring to baby brain. My obstetrician said that it takes at least two years for the body to be normal again after birth. I'm beginning to wonder what my normal really looks like!

The fog has set in, and it doesn't seem to be leaving anytime soon.

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