Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Cha-chinging in the New Year

One of my mommy friends suggested that we have a "no spend" January, meaning that we would not buy any "extras" during the month. No eating out. No white elephant sales. No "oh-that's-so-cute-I-gotta-have-it" moments. No shopping whatsoever of any kind other than necessities.

Sounds great, right?! That'll mean more money in my pocket at the end of January, right? Sure! Why not, I thought. I can do this for me and my family.

Then I started looking at January.

We're headed to the beach for the first four days in January for my big 4-0. While the rental house was paid for back in November-December, that still means extra gas to travel. And we've got reservations for dinner on my actual birthday. Well, I rationalize that it is a special occasion.

And my older mom's group has their Mom's Night Out in January. Well, of course, I have to have a night out with the moms! That certainly benefits me and my family. You know the old saying: If momma ain't happy ain't nobody happy! So surely I can justify that money out of pocket.

And I'm going to a mini-conference, a one day drive-in for school librarians to talk about the latest and greatest in young adult literature and technology and collection development and.... Well, this is for my professional growth and while I didn't have to go, again it will surely benefit me and the students and teachers that I work with at my school. Okay, that's gas money well-spent. (I paid the registration fee in November, too.)

Hmmmm...there is a holiday weekend in January which means a day off which would really be a good time to get away with the husband and child and explore the mountains or some historical site. If I take a minute, I'm sure that I can plead my case for the educational benefits as well as the social-emotional benefits.

And I'm trying to lose weight. So that means my clothes are getting loose and I need pants. I can't go around looking sloppy and unprofessional and unkempt and...

Doesn't look like I'll be saving money in January!

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