Saturday, February 6, 2010

New Chat Tool

I just had the best professional meeting, and I didn't have to get all dressed up, leave my house, drive across the state, and spend four hours listening to people give reports. In fact, I sat right at my living room table with my shoes off and experienced one of the most productive meeting conversations using Chatzy.

The meeting facilitator created a room for us and sent out the link, and we all gathered at the appointed time to talk real time about the issues and new business of our association. We have a script of all that was typed that can be referred to, if need be.

We also used a free conference call set up by another member. We called the number, punched in a code, and voila! Six of us were connected via phone, cell phone, instead of landlines. At one point, I pictured the big conference table with folks sitting around and the phone in the middle of the table with speaker phone on -- two or three way conference calling. I realized how far we've come! Six of us chatting via phone and internet.

How could I have imagined anything beyond the party line that we had when I was a child? Of if you had used the term 'chat', I may have thought of a teenage friend and talking on my princess phone until Mama said to get off!

We've come a long way, baby!

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