Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Going Public and Getting Organized

I haven't really shared my blog with anyone....at least not until today. I was working with three teachers on blogging, sharing some of the educational blogs out there and inviting them to search professional and personal interests to find some of the incredible entries and conversations going on about any topic imaginable.

So in a teachable moment, I shared my personal blog site with them, as well as the TriangleMommies blog site to which I contribute. One of the teachers was ready to create his on blog, trying something simple -- he came up with the I Am Awesome Blog -- and hoping to revisit blogging later on to really setup a neat mathematics conversation.

I can see the power of information and connections with blogging. There are blogs on absolutely everything out there. But filtering through the information can be overwhelming. I attended a session at the NCTIES conference last week in which Will Richardson talks about organizing your blog reading through Google Reader. It was just what I needed to feel less insane and just as informed and sparked to read some of my favorite sites without traipsing all across cyberspace. Google Reader is basically one stop reading for me. I've read my daily dose of news, my mommy stuff, and my tech talk entries without having to pull up each and every one of the sites.

I should have gone public and gotten organized sooner!


Dr. Gail said...

Congratulations on coming out of the blog closet, Keeper! I look forward to learning from your wisdom and sharing mine, when the occasion arises.

john in nc said...

Deanna - I love your self-outing. Saves me the trouble! Seriously, I use Google to manage my blog feeds as well - I have an iGoogle browser homepage and it's no more than a click to add a feed, or remove one for that matter. And you can drag the feeds around the page to suit your visual needs. I've been using it for a year and still satisfied.

Welcome to blog world. You're joining 50 million or so other bloggers so don't feel TOO exposed!